Leitmotif is committed to deliver excellent results for IT Business Transformation.

Nowadays business challenges have mostly IT impact, the limit between those two aspects is becoming very tight.

Leitmotif has 5 years experiences on providing management consulting. The Leitmotif strategy is to work with a group of selectivity freelancers as favourite partners. Leitmotif partners are committed to deliver with quality and excellence service-level agreement (SLA) defines with customers.

Leitmotif added value is to understand technical specification of customers needs. With building a long-term business relations with our clients based on excellent working experiences, Leitmotif has developed a good understanding of their technical challenges. To guaranty quality to customers, Leitmotif is used to be responsible for Team Staffing. As a breeder Leitmotif organize casting to select the right actor for the right role. Leitmotif success factor is to be solution oriented conform to client needs.

Leitmotif is efficient: tried not to reinvent the wheel.